2. Anonymous said: How is your love life now?! ;)

    Considering it exists, much better! ^_^

  3. scienthusiasts:

    You gotta admit, some of these are pretty cute.

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  5. Anonymous said: If two people have admitted they like each other, what is stopping them from getting together?

    Hmm…good question. Constant pressure from their social group, nervousness (still)…I don’t know.


  8. Anonymous said: Hahaha your never gonna find me!!! ;)

    I wanted to quote Taken so badly there…and I will! You underestimate my internet stalking abilities! *laughs evilly* :D

  10. beatricebiologist:

    Reading about quantum mechanics just reminds me of my comic! 

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  12. swordie:

    i can hold a wet bar of soap better than a conversation

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  13. Anonymous said: How is your love life?

    Um…confusing. Which is much better than non-existent, don’t get me wrong! I really like someone, and she likes me back, and we text regularly and have inside jokes, and sing frozen together *awesome*…
    But I don’t know how to advance from that, and I don’t have the confidence to ask/talk about it, and yeah…